Sales Teams

Improve sales engagement and productivity by providing the most relevant information, training, and learning content at the moment they need it in the right situation.

Continuous training
Integrate a learning experience within Salesforce CRM to weave learning into reps day-to-day workflows.
Curate and offer engaging off-the-shell content such as videos, SCORM and more.
Provide access to a rich library of on-demand content to people when they need it in the right situational context of buying stage, product family, or more.

Accessing irrelevant and generic learning content without context, definitely drive down sales teams engagement and productivity. You need timeliness. Timeliness means understanding what it is that
reps are trying to do, and then surfacing the right experiences and
content in order to guide them from ‘not knowing’ to ‘doing in the
most efficient way’ at the moment of need to solve their business problem.

Precise content available at precisely the right time

Imagine your sales team with instant access to a deal-clinching piece of content at exactly the right time., or training when it’s most effective. Now imagine it all appearing across Salesforce CRM that reps already use every day. Daniwoo is here to make your training available timely for your teams in the right situation.

Everything you need, all in one place

Daniwoo is built with the features you need to deliver a fast, efficient learning experience in the flow of work through Salesforce CRM. For more, see the Daniwoo platform in action.

Native course builder
Completion criteria
Configurable branding
SCORM + Videos
Content categorization
Chatter integration
Multiple languages
Learning automation
Salesforce1 compliant
Reports & dashboards
Virtual classrom
Lightning components

Drive your teams to their goal with personalized learning journeys right where their care your customers – in Salesforce CRM.