No boundaries. No walls.
Expand the limit of learning.

Shouldn’t your sales teams learn where they live

and breathe – in Salesforce ? We think so too.

Effortless learner experience
Daniwoo Lx is seamlessly integrated to Salesforce Lightning Experience so that your sales teams no longer have to leave the field to enter to learn.
Improve ROI and bottom line
Daniwoo Lx addresses your sales team's pain points, solving real-world problems by enabling a context-sensitive learning experience.

“ The last thing you want to do to your sales teams is to push an additional platform with an additional user interface to deliver training - They deserve better.

Runs on Salesforce, the worlds #1 CRM.
100% built-in Salesforce, leveraging all Salesforce technologies for a consistent learning experience - whatever your use case.

Focus on experience.
Expect performance.

Bored with fancies LMSs with empty promises? Get refreshed with Daniwoo Lx.

Learning that fuels business performance.