Onoarding, Training
and Skills Development

Offer your newcomers a frictionless entry to the onboarding program and engages them from the start and throughout their careers.

Enable your teams to ramp up faster and speed productivity.

Deliver the most of your valuable training course within Salesforce and enable your teams to train while they're performing at work.

Create onboarding programs tailored to specific roles with tailor-made content and directly integrated into Salesforce CRM.
Stimulate learners engagement by making your training courses enjoyable with badges and points
Ensure mandatory training is always completed and automatically send certifications when requirements are met.


Transform Salesforce CRM into a powerful corporate training LMS and provide HR course and compliance training to your entire organization.


Arm your partners with knowledge and a unified Partner Learning Portal. Increase sales of your products and services with training-based certifications


Onboard your customers with engaging products training through a Customer Learning Portal in Salesforce and improve retention.

Since learning analytics and sales performance data are stored in the same place in Salesforce CRM, it becomes easy to measure and track the engagement of individuals and teams, generate actionable insights to identify knowledge gaps, and make informed decisions.

Get real-time insights on what's working & what's not.

Create sophisticated dashboards and measure your learning activities against business metrics. Get real-time insights into how your teams, customers, and partners are training within Salesforce and make informed decisions.

Everything you need, all in one place

Daniwoo is built with the features you need to deliver a fast, efficient learning experience in the flow of work through Salesforce CRM. For more, see the Daniwoo platform in action.

Native course builder
Completion criteria
Configurable branding
SCORM + Videos
Content categorization
Chatter integration
Multiple languages
Learning automation
Salesforce1 compliant
Reports & dashboards
Virtual classrom
Lightning components

Drive your teams to their goal with personalized learning journeys right where their care your customers – in Salesforce CRM.