Focus on experience.
Expect performance.

Train your sales force smarter, all within Salesforce with ease.

Sales teams need learning that drives growth.
Daniwoo LMS is here to make it happen.

Sales teams are busier than ever. And struggling with the corporate LMS to find content
leads to frustration and impacts productivity. Therefore, learning ends-up being relegated
to the important-but-not-urgent to-do list.

So, how can you make learning part of your sales teams day to day challenges?
L&D needs to deliver trainings that address sales teams' pain points at the right place and right time.

Sales teams shouldn’t have to interrupt their work to train. They need the skills that solve real-world problems and address business challenges.
That’s where Daniwoo LMS comes into play.

Daniwoo LMS enables learning that supports sales reps in their day to day challenges.

Daniwoo LMS is the #1 learning solution tailored for Salesforce. It addresses sales reps' pain points by enabling meaningful learning in a context-sensitive way.

With Daniwoo LMS, sales teams and whoever uses Salesforce regularly no longer have to interrupt their work to get to learn. Learning is brought to them at point-of-need in the place they care their customers.

Less interruption for more performance

Contextual learning means sales teams don’t have to interrupt their work to learn, the content they need to address their challenge is embedded in the situation they’re experiencing. Now that they can immediately apply what they learn to real-business problems, it increases retention and drive performance.

Because Learning eXperience is not just about ‘nice learning’, but mostly about learning that supports teams on the field.

If you’ve been chasing attendances and completion rates to justify the time & money spent for your LMSs implementation, you know that the #1 factor of engagement is relevance.

You need a learning solution that focuses on sales teams' performance. And your priority is to align skills acquisition with business objectives.

Daniwoo LMS focuses on both.

Less friction for more engagement

Deliver the most of your valuable training program within Salesforce and keep your sales teams happier and less likely to give up on learning. Since it’s easier to learn as they work, it’s also easier to build upon this learning.

No Silos. No walls. Expand the limit of learning.

Stop worrying about learner engagement! Your sales teams will enjoy learning on a platform they spend most of their time.
Get started with Daniwoo LMS.

Learning that fuels business performance.