Simple and Intuitive
Authoring Tool

Daniwoo makes it easy for anyone to create, deliver and manage content that supports your teams in their day-to-day challenges.

Create and deliver your content with ease

We make it effective and contextual. Deliver the info reps need to close deals with your own video-based training content that can be created quickly, managed easily, and accessed anywhere in Salesforce CRM.

Upload videos, SCORM, and more right into Salesforce Lightning Experience. Add content to your training courses in just a few clicks.
Your content is instantly accessible from any device. Get notified when content is completed by your teams, groups, or a user.
Create a culture of learning, invite subject matters experts to share their knowledge around content and training within Chatter.

Imagine content, training, and the news automatically targeted precisely to each sales team, support, or marketing team in Salesforce CRM. Relevancy, and timeliness, combined to execute at scale. The result? More performant teams driving more revenue.

The perfect match – right when users need it.

Provide engaging, helpful content directly in the Salesforce One mobile app. Your sales rep needs good elevator-pitch content for a specific deal? He finds it right in Salesforce1 on his way to the customer.

Enable collaborative learning within Chatter.

We always learn better together. Connect your sales reps with the subject matter experts in your organization to bring light to knowledge and expertise.

Everything you need, all in one place

Daniwoo is built with the features you need to deliver a fast, efficient learning experience in the flow of work through Salesforce CRM. For more, see the Daniwoo platform in action.

Native course builder
Completion criteria
Configurable branding
SCORM + Videos
Content categorization
Chatter integration
Multiple languages
Learning automation
Salesforce1 compliant
Reports & dashboards
Virtual classrom
Lightning components

Drive your teams to their goal with personalized learning journeys right where their care your customers – in Salesforce CRM.