Easy. Effective. Contextual.

Train your sales force smarter, all within Salesforce. Whatever your use case.

Watch Daniwoo Lx in action

Watch Daniwoo Lx in action

Sales teams shouldn’t have
to leave the field to enter to learn.

Sales teams are busier than ever. And struggling with the corporate LMS to find content
leads to frustration and impacts productivity. Learning ends-up being relegated
to the important-but-not-urgent tasks. Therefore, they need a learning solution that solves their day to day problems and save them valuable time. Something like Daniwoo Lx.

Daniwoo Lx – Enable contextual learning within Salesforce.

Measure what matters and make AI-driven decisions.

Start creating content that solve real business problems and know exactly what’s working and what’s not by using Analytics Cloud. Gain real-time insights into what’s happening in your organization and discover what’s trending with Einstein Analytics.

  • Identify top-performing sales reps and those in need of strengthened training programs.
  • Send sales reps data to Pardot and trigger custom nurtures based on performance.

Create content with ease

Create content in seconds. Yes, literally. Daniwoo Lx is powered by Lightning Components and makes it easy to create content with text, videos, SCORM, and more all within Salesforce Lightning Experience. Gain a single repository for your sales teams across the globe rather than having to manage content across multiple systems.

  • Provide content in both push and pull modalities to shape with business conditions and schedules.
  • Enable a pull modality where rookies can instantly connect to learning and knowledge assets.

Enable continuous learning with learning paths.

Your sales reps will never stop learning as they work in Salesforce. With Daniwoo Lx easy-to-use Learning Journey Builder functionality, create an experience that supports your salespeople right from the start and nurturing them along in their journey to keep them learning and skill up.

  • Address pains points with specific training at any step of your sales reps' journeys.
  • Understand what training impacts sales reps' performance and business results.
  • Build training that supports the evolving needs of your business and organization.

Integrate learning to your sales reps' workflows.

Training fits in when it works best for your sales teams. Create custom workflows to get your content to the right person at the right time using the Lightning Process Builder. Enable your teams to build their own learning experience using + 20 customs Lightning Components.

  • Integrate learning in your sales process and push specific content based on the opportunity stage.
  • Accelerate the onboarding process by enrolling new hires in a Welcome Onboard training program.

Enable collaborative learning within Chatter.

We always learn better together. Link your salespeople to the subject matter experts in your organization to bring light to the knowledge that your people may never have known was available to them. Connect your customers with training within Community Cloud to improve engagement with your product.

  • Enable peer interaction and coaching between sales reps and experts within Chatter.
  • Provide partners with training certifications on products and services in Community Cloud.

Stop making big bets on LMSs
your sales teams don't use.
Run an experiment with Daniwoo Lx. It's free !

Daniwoo Lx makes it easy to
learn within Salesforce


Upload videos, Scorm, and more right into Salesforce Lightning Experience. Add content to your training courses in just a few clicks.


Create custom Lightning apps with + 20 Lightning components provided by Daniwoo Lx. Assign training to user groups or roles with Lightning Flow.


Your content is instantly accessible from any device. Get notified when content is completed by your teams, groups, or a specific user.

Mobile first

Daniwoo Lx native app also runs on the Salesforce1 app. Your teams can connect to their content anywhere, anytime on the road.


Create a culture of learning, invite subject matters experts to share their knowledge around content and training within Chatter.


Use the Analytics Cloud to measure learning activity. Cross-check learning data with business results and identify people who need strengthened training programs.

Focus on experience.
Expect performance.

Drive your sales rep’s to their goal with personalized learning journeys right where you run your business – in Salesforce. Get started with Daniwoo Lx.

Learning that fuels business performance.