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As the workplace changes, organizations are looking for more intelligent and learner-centric training tools to develop team skills while improving performance and productivity. In this context, traditional digital learning platforms (LMS), which have demonstrated their value, are now showing their limits. Adoption, engagement, learning culture, are some of the challenges faced by Sales managers and […]


Salesforce CRM is the driving belt that can keep your sales onboarding engine running efficiently. When coupled with Salesforce, a learning experience could well become your best asset to accelerate your onboarding process.


While many leading LMS vendors are eager to highlight their integrations with Salesforce CRM, the reality of these claims is more nuanced. Here are 3 reasons why, in the large majority of cases. these integrations don’t keep their promises


Your organization needs to deliver a digital learning solution tailored for your sales reps. The success of such a project relies on a fast adoption and an immediate practice of the acquired knowledge. Integrating your training program seamlessly within Salesforce CRM helps you accomplish this. Conjointly, there are some key benefits to be drawn from this approach.

Focus on experience.
Expect performance.

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