How to onboard new hire like a pro within Salesforce?

Salesforce CRM is the driving belt that can keep your sales onboarding engine running efficiently. When coupled with Salesforce, a learning experience could well become your best asset to accelerate your onboarding process.


Stop the fighter’s course!

From the very first day they arrive, your new hires are faced with a double challenge: dealing with Salesforce CRM and learning about the company’s culture, people, products, and processes. Generally, they are enrolled in a dedicated onboarding course in an LMS, i.e a standalone platform, not tied to the CRM. It is the first pitfall. The last thing you want to do to your recruit is to burden them with a platform with an additional user interface to handle. Switching between these 2 environments and multiplying clicks to find the right resources is likely to make onboarding a frustrating and demotivating fighter’s course for your troops. It’s not exactly the idea they got from their first day in your office, a day that counts.

So, why not offer your new sales reps a frictionless entry to the onboarding program right where they will be looking after their customers: within Salesforce CRM? The idea sounds revolutionary, yet it’s real. When a new sales reps are hired, he’s automatically enrolled to the onboarding course in Salesforce using Lightning Flow. That’s the experience Daniwoo Lx offers.

The digital workplace and the learning environement are now one and the same.

The pros are many: saving time, since your sales reps no longer need to connect with learning content from several tools, saving energy since they no longer have to look for content like a needle in a haystack. These 2 parameters, at first glance innocuous, actually lead to a significant increase of effectiveness and engagement of your new staff member, who has all at his fingertips: his digital workplace and his learning platform are now the same.


Personalize the onboarding program

The aim is to build an ” Employer ” experience that supports and engages new salespeople from the start and throughout their careers. With this goal in mind, Daniwoo Lx takes a further step in optimizing the onboarding experience. By effectively enabling a personalized learning experience tailored to specific sales roles. Whether it is a sales director or a global account manager, each role has its path, with tailor-made content and directly integrated into Salesforce CRM.

A personalized onboarding program enables your sales reps to ramp up faster while speeding productivity.

When considering the insistent need to deliver results instantly under high pressure, it’s a blessing for your organization to turn onboarding into a personal process. While there’s a myriad of training or content available on-demand from your LMS, your new sales reps shouldn’t spend time searching for the right material. The organization expects them to get ready quickly while efficiently learning the job. A personalized onboarding program enables your sales reps to ramp up faster and speed productivity.


Contextualize the experience

Besides, by fitting closely with Salesforce’s business workflows, integrated onboarding ensures that the right resource is delivered at the right time in context. Let’s say your newly-hired needs to perform an Elevator Pitch on a product but knows nothing about it: that’s where Daniwoo Lx comes in to provide a descriptive video on the product page in Salesforce. Blessed bread for our newcomer, who no longer has to go on an LMS expedition without GPS to find the right resource.

Contextual learning has the potential to promote problem-based learning and bring that “just in time, right for me” feeling to your new hire.

Another example, to enable your sales reps to handle and master the sales process, you can tie each opportunity stage (prospecting, qualification, needs analysis, etc.) with hard skills video sessions. Those videos let your veterans explain the sales pitch that closes deals in a real-life situation. Without contextual learning, your new hire will likely struggle to fully understand how to apply what they learn and how to contribute to their team’s success. Contextual learning has the potential to promote problem-based learning and bring that “just in time, right for me” feeling to your newly-hired.

Since there is usually more than one team working together to deliver successful sales, it’s very essential to know who’s who from the very first days. Create actionable training for new sales reps to learn cross-functionally with customer service or marketing teams. By leveraging digital learning within Salesforce, you allow your new sales reps to understand the complexity of your business workflows.


Keep an eye on the troops’ engagement

To plan effectively, sales leaders need access to accurate data from the onboarding process. While onboarding your sales reps within Salesforce, you can track and measure their engagement and overall performance. Daniwoo Lx records the progress of recruits within Salesforce CRM in real-time as they progress along their journey. Salesforce analytics and dashboards allow L&Ds and Sales Managers to see for each sales rep:

  • What induction content has been watched or how long it has been viewed.
  • Whether or not formal assessments, such as quizzes, have been successful, as well as individual and team progress.
  • Which training and certifications have been attended?
  • What training has a highly beneficial result?

The ability to reach this data directly in Salesforce CRM allows managers to keep new salespeople on track during the onboarding process and make faster, more informed decisions about whether additional training or coaching is needed for certain recruits.


Final words

Your sales force is often the very first point of contact with a new customer or prospect. Onboarding and training them fast is critical to their success and yours as an organization. Because your onboarding process is their first incursion into your company, a smooth, consistent experience, supported by the Salesforce CRM  will make them feel and act quickly like a pro.

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